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Why are lungs moist?

The lungs are moist so the alveoli do not dry up and so the lungs can still function properly. The air you breath helps to keep you lungs moist. :)
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What is moist air?

You dumb people dont no what that is well u should really pay attention because im not telling you the answer
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Why are earthworms moist?

earthworms are moist because gases can pass easily them as they breath through the skin
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Why does bread get moist?

sometimes in our lives we all have sin we all have sorrow but if we are wise we all gonna need somebody to lean on lean on me when your not strong i'll help you carry on
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Is Hawaii's moist?

Most of the islands get an abundance of rainfall (the exception is Kahoolawe with an average annual rainfall of 26 inches).
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Why are the alveoli are moist?

There are multiple reasons. First alveoli are coated with a substance known as "surfactant" to prevent them from collapsing. Second, there is a medium for immunoglobulins such ( Full Answer )
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What is moist gangrene?

Moist gangrene may occur in the toes, feet, or legs after a crushing injury or as a result of some other factor that causes blood flow to the area to suddenly stop. When blood ( Full Answer )
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How moist is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the most dryest place on earth thanks to its polar location. Everytime it rains the water freezes and turns into snow!
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What is an antonym for moist?

The opposite of moist is dry or dried, but could also be parched or arid depending on the noun being modified.
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What is the meaning of moist?

Moist is a state between dry and wet. For instance, a cake that isslightly moist is nicer to eat than a cake that is very dry.