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Moisture in basement?

Although basement moisture can be fueled by water leakage, it is usually an atmospheric condition caused by humidity rising as warm air cools and shrinks in the cooler basemen (MORE)
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How can you moisturize your hair?

either a good conditioner or babyoil or lotion and message the scalp and hair gently and then thuroughly rince it out cause if not it'll dry out and be like huge flakes of dan (MORE)
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Why is it good to moisturizer?

It gives your skin some moisture, keeping it hydrated. If your skin becomes too dry and lacking moisture, then it is a must to moisturize straight away! I recommend QV moistur (MORE)

What is the pH of moisturizer?

Varies with each brand, so the only way to know for sure is to test it yourself, you should aim to a pH between 5 to 6, which is the pH of healthy skin.
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What moisturizes the skin?

Moisturizing lotion can, but I found that if you soak tea, rip the bags open, and rub the loose tea on your body, it will really moisturize your skin. It really works, I am no (MORE)
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Do you moisturize at night?

For those with sensetive or dry skin, an oil-free moisturiser should be a part of your daily skincare routine. For best results, moisturise twice daily, morning and night. It (MORE)
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Why bakery get moistured?

Flour attracts moisture really easily, which can breed mold in bakeries if the bakers are not careful.

What is crude moisture?

Crude can mean either constructed in a makeshift way or not yetprocessed or refined. Moisture is a liquid diffused as vapor withina solid or condensed on a surface.
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Is there moisture on nails?

yes because if there wasent your nails would be so dry it would be depressing. and by the oils on you hands moisturize ur nails! derr

Is there moisture in tornado?

Yes. There is moisture in a tornado. The air a tornado pulls in has been moistened by rain. This moisture condenses to form the visible funnel cloud.