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How do you attain moksha?

Attaining moksha is the highest goal of Hinduism. One can attainmoksha by either meditating, chanting name of god, doing good deedsor doing yoga.

What is moksha?

To understand Moksha we must first understand Reincarnation. THE CONVENTIONAL CONCEPT OF REINCARNATION: Reincarnation means entry of our soul into the body of an animal or (MORE)

How can you attain Moksha?

Mind has influence of food we eat and therefore for pure mind fooodshould be complete violence free. Vegetable is also has life .weshuold eat non-violence food.pure mind is pu (MORE)

How do you get moksha?

To get moksha, one should be sincere in his works and then he attains moksha. Moksha does not mean the salvation of the body but the salvation of the mind.

What is the relationship between Karma and Moksha?

As Shri Ramakrishn Kshirasagar Swami' has said " For getting 'moksh' one should have '0' runanubandh. When we do any karm and if it is related to someone and if we or that p (MORE)

Can you attain Moksha through a goddess?

1. Moksha is defined as the liberation from samsar and the associated suffering due to cycles of repeated death and rebirth. 2. According to physiology it is discarding cond (MORE)

What is Moksha and how do you attain it?

MOKSHA AND KARMA: Moksha is defined as freedom from unending cycles of reincarnation. Karma is the cause for the unending cycles of reincarnations. These Hindu beliefs about (MORE)

What is moksha in Buddhism?

Moksha, more commonly referred to as Nirvana in Buddhism, is a liberation from Samsara (a cycle of rebirth and suffering). Nirvana is the end goal of the Buddhist path, as it (MORE)

What is Hinduism moksha?

The spiritual goal of a Hindu is to become one with Brahma. This freedom is referred to as moksha . Until moksha is achieved, a Hindu believes that he/she will be repeatedly (MORE)