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What does mollusc mean?

Its a soft bodied hard shelled animal, some folk say food in a shell. Slugs are defined as land snails with no shell but I sure wouldn't eat them.
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What are molluscs?

A Mollusc is an invertebrate with an unsegmented soft body that is usually but not always protected by a shell. Examples of molluscs include octopus, snail, slug, clam, oyster (MORE)

Example of molluscs?

Gastropods [snails, slugs] Bivalves [clams, oysters, mussels] Cephalopods [octopuses, nautilus, squids] Aplacophora Tusk Shells etc.

What is a Mollusc with no shell?

One kind of mollusc without a shell is called a slug. Some are the garden variety of slug, while certain species of slugs are aquatic and live in the sea. The other well-kno (MORE)

Is a starfish a mollusc?

Starfish are not mollusks. Starfish are classified as echinoderms,  which is a phylum of marine animals that are known for their  symmetry as adults. Other animals in this p (MORE)

Do molluscs have exoskeletons of calcium carbonate?

Some mollusks live in shells made of calcium carbonate, but they do not have exoskeletons like insects do.
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