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Where do mollusca live?

The majority of mollusca species live in marine environments, and many of them are found intertidally, in the shallow subtidal and on the continental shelf.
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What does mollusca mean?

Mollusca is the term for the phylum of animals containing mollusks. It is very diverse and contains many marine and freshwater organisms. Examples of mollusks are snails, oct (MORE)
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Mantle of a mollusca?

Are you asking what is the function of the mantle? It produces the shell. actually the mantle is a layer in which the inner organs are secured. and this layer forms a hard ca (MORE)
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What are the classes of mollusca?

Gastropoda -"stomach-foot" -single shell or no shell at all -moves via foot muscular action -does torsion(180 degree counter-clockwise rotation) for defense -largest group -h (MORE)
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Is a starfish a Mollusca?

no starfishes are classified under echinodermata. that is "echin" meanind spiny and "derm" meaning skin. these have dermal calcareous plates and they have tiny spines on their (MORE)
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How do mollusca digest?

Mosty like any other type of animal,it has a stomach,bladder,intestise,and other things that help it digest.
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Is a scorpion a mollusca?

No, Scorpions are arachnids and fall under Arthropoda, the arthropods - Invertebrates that have a chetin-based exoskeleton.
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How Mollusca feeding?

They put their napkins in their laps, use forks and knives, and chew with their mouths closed like civilized people. Now finish your brussel sprouts!