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What did Molly Pitcher Believe in?

she beived that girls should be able to fight and they are as good as boys
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Why did Molly Pitcher join in the war?

Molly Pitcher joined the war to be with her husband, William Hays. Her husband joined and Molly followed as a camp follower.
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What did Molly Pitcher do in the Revolutionary War?

She carried water to the troops in the revolutionary war. she helped the troops in other ways such as carrying other supplies or nursing the sick back to health. After the w (MORE)

Molly Pitchers siblings?

Molly Pitcher had two older brothers named Joseph, and Joshua, and a younger brother named Carl.
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What did Molly Pitcher as a child do for fun?

Nothing specific is known about her childhood. Undoubtedly she  worked at home as soon as she was old enough to be useful,  cooking,cleaning,washing,spinning,sewing and such (MORE)

What was Molly Pitchers Family like?

Mary Ludwig Hays, better known as Molly Pitcher, was the youngest  child of Maria Margaretha and John Georg Ludwick. She had an older  brother, Johann Martin Ludwick. They l (MORE)

How did Molly Pitcher get her nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes also said to be known as Molly Pitcher fought in the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution. At the time, the nickname Molly was very common for w (MORE)