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What roles did Molly Pitcher play?

Molly Pitcher helped soldiers by bringing them water when they fell from heat or exhaustion. That is how she gained the name 'Molly Pitcher'. One day Molly saw her husband fal (MORE)

Did Molly Pitcher have children?

Molly Pitcher did have a child, and he was with John Hays. The baby  was a boy and was born in 1780. Molly and John named him John Jr.  after his dad. and a dude
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Why was Molly Pitcher famous?

In the Battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary War, Molly Pitcher saved many people from dying of thirst. She bravely carried water onto the battlefield to help wounded soldie (MORE)

What did Molly Pitchers parents do for work?

Molly Pitcher's real name was Mary  Ludwig. She was born in Philadelphia. Her father was a butcher. 
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Did Molly Pitcher go to college?

Molly Ludwig, known famously as Molly Pitcher got her name from  carrying pitchers of water to soldiers during battle. She never  went to college because at the time of the (MORE)