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What is molten compound?

A molten compound is a compound that has been melted down into a liquid.   In chemistry, ionic compounds (metal to non-metal) can be melted so that they conduct electricity (MORE)

What is a antonym for molten?

Molten is an adjective that means glowing, fused, liquefied,  smelted, or igneous. Some antonyms for the word molten include  solidified, chilled, cold, solid, or frozen.
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Why does the electrolyte have to be molten?

They need to be free ions to have mobility to carry a  charge and to conduct (so electricity can flow  through). This is only possible in solution or in the  molten state. (MORE)

Does the moon have a large molten core?

No. It has a solid core, surrounded by a fluid outer core, surrounded by a partially melted core, but its relatively small (20%) compared to the earths (50%).
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What is molten material?

A hot liquid ,such as lava, that is formed from the melting of different types of rock.
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What is molten phenol?

It's a chemical that's used as an ingredient in a lot of other  chemicals. It's shipped as a very hot semi-solid, and it can screw  you up four different ways: the hot chemi (MORE)
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What is molten iron?

Molten Iron is liquid form of hot, melted iron. It is inside of lava in volcanoes and in the Earth's outer core.
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What is molten in chemistry?

When some substance, such as granite, or iron or glass, which is normally in a solid phase at room temperature, is heated to the point that it melts, it is then described as m (MORE)