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What is molten rock?

Molten rock is called magma. It is rock that has been melted. Magma is a mixture of melted rock, solid mineral crystals, and dissolvedgases. Molten rock on the surface is call ( Full Answer )
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What is a molten rock?

Molten rock, also known as magma, is rock that is so hot that itbecomes a liquid.
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What is molten material?

A hot liquid ,such as lava, that is formed from the melting of different types of rock.
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What is molten compound?

A molten compound is a compound that has been melted down into a liquid.. In chemistry, ionic compounds (metal to non-metal) can be melted so that they conduct electricity. T ( Full Answer )
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What is molten iron?

Molten Iron is liquid form of hot, melted iron. It is inside of lava in volcanoes and in the Earth's outer core.
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What is molten slag?

1.The impurities during the extraction of a metal above the moltenmetal in a furnace containing mostly silicates are slag. 2.The impurities that form as a protective layer in ( Full Answer )
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Why does the electrolyte have to be molten?

They need to be free ions to have mobility to carry acharge and to conduct (so electricity can flowthrough). This is only possible in solution or in themolten state. It is ( Full Answer )
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What is molten ore?

When purified solid metal is heated under very high temperature it changes to liquid metal .This liquid metal is called molten metal .
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What is Molten WoW?

I have been playing there for the past few days, there are constantly 4000+ people in each realm and there are always raids like real Wow.
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What is molten phenol?

It's a chemical that's used as an ingredient in a lot of otherchemicals. It's shipped as a very hot semi-solid, and it can screwyou up four different ways: the hot chemical wi ( Full Answer )