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What is the formula for momentum?

P=mv P=momentum m=mass v=velocity The units are kg m/s.... commonly referred to as a Carson ..
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What is momentum?

Momentum is the inertial energy of a body or object, generally a term that describes the energy stored in a moving mass. It takes into account the mass of an object ( m ), ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of momentum?

Answer #1: An Example of momentum is when a Big truck rolls down a hill, andthen a little car rolls down a hill. The Truck goes faster because it had alarger mass which gave ( Full Answer )
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What is momentums?

The momentum of an object is the mass (in kilograms) multiplied by the velocity (in metres per second), assuming that the speed is well below the speed of light. It is measure ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need momentum?

Momentum is defined as the "Mass in Motion". It is a Vector quantity. It depends on two variables (Object Mass and Velocity) . Its direction is same as objects velocity direct ( Full Answer )
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Does a fish have momentum?

The momentum of any object is [ M V ]. 'M' is its mass, 'V' is its velocity. If the fish is moving, then [ M V ] is not zero, and it has momentum.
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How is momentum conserved?

The total momentum of a closed system of objects is constant. No matter where objects go, the momentum stays the same, along with the mass and energy. Nothing depends on locat ( Full Answer )
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What is the momentum law?

The Momentum Law is Newton's 3 rd Law Action-Reaction,The sum of the forces is zero. 0 = F1 + F2 = d(p1 +p2)/dt gives teh Momentum Law: p1 + p2 = constant.
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What is momentum-?

Momentum refers to the the quantity of motion of a moving body,measured as a product of its mass and velocity.