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What is a monarch?

A monarch is a single person in whom executive authority is vested. The position is often hereditary but has been elective (the Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Poland were el (MORE)

WHAT DID monarchs DO?

They ruled the country in which they were Queen. Their job was to rule and protect their country from poverty and war.

Where is a monarch?

Your question is not clear. Many nations have monarchs. Many fewer do than in the past but it still exists. In Europe alone there are monarchs in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlan (MORE)

How does the monarch of the UK become the monarch?

If they are related to any part of the Royal family when they are born, they go into the Line of Succession. If a girl is in the Line of Succession and a baby boy is born, he (MORE)
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Why were the kc monarchs called monarchs?

Kansas City has been host to the American Royal Livestock Show heldin Kansas City every year since 1899. The name "Monarchs" (meaning'kings') was in all probability chosen bec (MORE)