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What is a monastery?

A monastery is a facility which houses a religious community of  monks or nuns. Generally, a monastery is designed to be self  contained, so that the religious adherents ins (MORE)

What role did monasteries play in Europe?

They ruled society, setting rules, boundaries and limitations for those people who worked and lived in their kingdoms.
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Why were monasteries dissolved?

The monasteries were dissolved for a number of reasons: * Henry VIII was basically bankrupt following wars with France and needed to raise capital. Dissolution of the monaste (MORE)

What is the purpose of a monastery?

I am from a country with lot's of monasteries, there purpose are the monks to stay as far away from civilization as possible and dedicate themselves to God so they do not give (MORE)

What happens at a monastery?

  In Christian monasteries Nuns and Monks live separate lives closed off from the world. They devote themselves to work (manual labour or something similar) and prayer. Th (MORE)

What are monastery punishments?

  Historically, many monasteries had a prison in which monks or nuns might be confined for serious offenses. Elements of the modern civil prison system in the West are bas (MORE)

What is a monastery superior in France?

Abbe (one E with accent ecoute) is a French church title corresponding to an Abbot, or head of a monastery church- or Abbey. Many Abbes have made contributions to geological s (MORE)

Are monasteries Protestant or catholic?

There are Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Ecumenical (e.g., Taize) monasteries. There are far more Catholic monasteries than Orthodox monasteries, largely because t (MORE)

What is a sentence for the word monastery?

A monastery is a community of religious people. It's also the dwelling place of the people. Here are some sentences. The monks found a monastery outside of the holy city.The (MORE)

What is the reredorter in a medieval monastery?

The word reredorter is Anglo-Norman French and since it was  the Normans who built (and replaced earlier) monasteries in  England, many of the terms associated with monastic (MORE)