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What are monasteries?

Monasteries are communities of monks/nuns. They are religious communities separated from the rest of society. A monastery is a facility which houses a religious community ofmo (MORE)

What did monasteries do?

They allowed people to worship God and live there. They drunk ate and slept there and people say it's a bit like marrying the monestery or church if they were there.

How do you get to the monastery in Poptropica?

you go to the himilayas in mews copter and then go to the left andclimb up a little until you find the shappa he will help you climbthe mountains by tieing your rope to rings (MORE)

Where monasterys luxurious?

No, definitely not. Stone walls were often elaborately decorated with carvings and some rooms (particularly the refectory and chapter house) might have painted designs on t (MORE)