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What is a monaural audio cord?

It is one cord of a RCA connector (red and white audio cable or a red/white/yellow cable). To hookup my sub woofer from the receiver I separated a red and white cable and ju (MORE)
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What are the advantages FMstereo signal over monaural signal in communication system?

The advantage of an FM stereo signal over a monaural signal in communication systems is that you can transmit and receive two channels of information at the same time. Typica (MORE)
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What are monaural hearing aids?

Hearing aids are either "monaural" (a hearing aid for one ear), or "binaural" (for two ears); more than 65% of all users have binaural aids
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What is monaural cues?

A monaural cue is the singular aura presented by the cue ball on a pool table. It is because of this phenomenon that humans are always able to detect the location of the cue b (MORE)