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What did Mongolians invent?

The Mongols invented the Recurve Bow, small compact bow capable of being fired from horseback. It was reinforced with animal parts to give it additional strength and had signi (MORE)

Where is the mongolian stomper?

The Mongolian Stomper is a Canadian wrestler whose real name is Archie Gouldie. He is now retired and living in Knoxville Tennessee. He has a myspace page and a pretty good bi (MORE)
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What is Mongolian famous for?

Okay there's a lot. 1.Genghis khan is from Mongolia. He is the most powerful person. He used to rule Asia and even half of Europe back then. But when he died, that's w (MORE)

What do Mongolians do for a living?

Farming of crops such as wheat takes precedence along the river valleys. In the more arid grasslands, herding of goats, sheep and so on is a traditional method of subsistence. (MORE)

What beliefs do mongolians have?

well the Mongolians did not have any real religion although they did act spiritual. they did believe that they could kill people to be with there master in the after life to s (MORE)

Why are Mongolians bad?

Mongolians are not necessarily bad, but they did fight for what they thought was right. Additionally, in the time when they were such an influence on the "developed" world, ma (MORE)

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