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What is a mongoloid?

Mongoloid is one of the three historic race categories (the other being Caucasoid and Negroid). This category encompasses the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Native Americans, Esk ( Full Answer )
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What are mongoloids?

the term comes from the mongolian people of east Asia, who had a reputation in Europe for ruthless expansionism and massacre of enemy populations. in forensics, Mongoloid is c ( Full Answer )
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What is mongoloid?

The race that comprises the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and the rest of the East Asians, and Arctic Americans. Native Americans are sometimes classified as Mong ( Full Answer )
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What is the behavior of a mongoloid?

The behavior of a mongoloid can vary. However, an Asian mongoloidis considered to be less likely to commit violent crimes than otherethnicities.
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What is mongoloid syndrome?

Mongoloid or down sydrome or Trisomy 21. A genetic defect that can cause mental retardation characterized by simean crease, low bridge nose,hypotonia, big abdomen, and etc.
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Are Indians mongoloids?

in the north of India, they tend to be a mix of caucosoid and mongoloid and in south of India they tend to be a mix of caucosoid and austroloid.
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What people are mongoloid?

Examples of Mongoloids include East Asians, Polynesians, South East Asians, Siberians, Arctic Americans and arguably the rest of the American aboriginals. The term was also ( Full Answer )
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Who is the father of the mongoloid?

There are two types of Mongoloid 1. Those who are characteristic of or resembling a Mongol race of people. 2. A person suffering from Down syndrome, though this term is no lon ( Full Answer )
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How do you describe mongoloids?

Mongoloid is a historical race category referring to people of a certain skeletal structure. This group includes the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South East Asians, Polynesians, ( Full Answer )
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Are Austronesians Mongoloid?

Austronesian is not a race or ethnicity. Rather, Austronesians aresimply people who speak an Austronesian language. Many Austronesians are apart of the Mongoloid racial categ ( Full Answer )