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Why were the mongols so successful as conquerors?

The Mongols were brilliant strategists and tacticians. The Mongols by nature were extremely resilient and tough people since they weren't softened by the wealthy and comfortab (MORE)

Is there are any Mongols in Hawaii?

A few members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club have been seen in Hawaii but they are not "officially" here yet.
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Who were the Mongols?

The Mongols were a nomadic tribe centrally located in Central Asia. They were known as barbarians throughout the landmass of Eurasia and were known for killing hundreds of tho (MORE)

What is the mongol peace?

Often referred to as Pax Mongolia, it was a time during the reign of the Mongols in which their entire empire which stretched from Eastern Europe to China remained in a state (MORE)

What are the accomplishments of the Mongol Empire?

The Mongol Empire is often stereotyped as ruthless and brutal and nothing else. But, you also have to remember that most of the historical accounts that we have of the Mongols (MORE)

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How did the Mongols create their huge empire?

The mongols collected a lot of tax money and adopted aspects of the Chinese culture such as Confucianism Their workers improved a lot
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What was the mongol warriors significance to history?

The Mongol Hordes are significant to history because of its  influences on warfare.    The Mongols introduced a new aspect of warfare in the Middle Ages  that was oft (MORE)

What do the mongols eat?

White Food: Breakfast and lunch were the important meals of the day. Some of the things they ate were mutton, milk, rice, flour, and yogurt. Their food was called Tsagan-ide ( (MORE)