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What is the Dutch 'van de' in English?

"From the" is an English equivalent of the Dutch phrase "van de." Specifically, the preposition "van" means "of, from." The definite article "de" means "the." In terms of a (MORE)
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Can a Van de Graaf generator kill you?

Yes. Some of the larger units can create potential differences of several hundred thousand volts with ease, and the really big ones push several million volts. And they can do (MORE)

Who was Monique Braille?

Monique Braille was Louis Braille's mother. Louis also had an older  sister named Monique Catherine Josephine Braille (b.1793).

Who is Bree Van De Kamps husband on Desperate Housewives?

1986 to 2004 (season one finale), she was married to Rex Van de Kamp. 2006 (second episode of season three) to 2014 (season six finale), she was married to Orson Hodge. 20 (MORE)