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How is monism different from monotheism?

  Monotheism is a metaphysical duality by definition - in that it isolates a single god and everything else in the universe: as disparate entities. Monoism (as indoctrin (MORE)

Is Christianity a belief in monism?

No, it is not. We do not believe that we are made of the same essence as God or that created things are merely an extension of His being. We believe that we are all distinct i (MORE)

Does Christianity believe in monism?

In the main Christianity is dualistic and in a few other instances pluralistic. The two mainstay areas where one can determine a degree of monism or dualism are: 1. Creator (MORE)
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Why is monism controversial in Islam?

Monism is not controversial in Islam. All Muslims believe that Allah (God in English) is the Creator of all the universe including all what we know and what what we don't kno (MORE)