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Are monks smart?

  Dedicated religious groups like monks and nuns are often seen as very smart but in fact there is no proof that they have higher iq's than any other group of people. HOW (MORE)

How do you address a monk?

  For monks within Christianity: In the Roman Catholic (Benedictine/Cistercian) tradition: for a monk who is not a priest use the title "Brother" also, a monk, once (MORE)

What do Catholic monks do?

Catholic (or any Christian denomination's for that matter, e.g Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran, or even Taize) monks are not one simple conglomeration of people who do the same t (MORE)

What is a monk?

  A monk is someone who dedicates their life to God, once they become a monk they agree to lead a simple life. They are restricted from having any relationships.  
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What are monks?

A monk is a person who dedicates his life to his religion. Not by becoming a priest but by placing himself outside the day to day activities of normal society and family life (MORE)

Why are monks bald?

yes they are because monks are Buddhists and they focus on the spiritual world so they shave there hair of to show there not part of any connections of the world
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Why was Monk cancelled?

Monk was not cancelled, the series ended. They ended the series basically because they knew they had very high ratings and wanted to go out on top.

Why become a monk?

Some people want a life of peace and tranquility, so they move off to a monastery to live in peace, not be involved in wars, and to abstain from sin.   They look at it like (MORE)

What did monks do for fun?

Did? You mean do. Monks and monastic orders of nuns do still exist. They usually devote their lives to prayer and meditation. So they spend their time studying that religion. (MORE)