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What is a monk?

A monk is someone who dedicates their life to God, once they become a monk they agree to lead a simple life. They are restricted from having any relationships..

What are monks?

A monk is a person who dedicates his life to his religion. Not by becoming a priest but by placing himself outside the day to day activities of normal society and family life (MORE)

What did monks do?

They prayed in monasteries and did other stuff like that too. Cheese cloth not food/ okay, if u really think that's the answer, go ahead and tell all ur mtes how FUNNY (MORE)

What do the monks do?

Each monastery or order chooses their own thing for monks to do. Some make fruit preserves, some make wine. One in New York state trains dogs. Pretty much any honest trade (MORE)

Monks are from?

A monk is a person who practices religious practices by livingalone with other monks. In nun is the female version of a monk inthe catholic church.

Who were the monks?

in the olden days, if someone wanted to become closer to god they could become a monk. Monks were holy people who had to get up at 3 to 6 each morning to pray, they would pray (MORE)

Who is monks?

monk is not a he its a or the monks. monks are the praiser of there god or spirit the monks of the Christan live at the cathedral so do Buddha monks! almost all religions have (MORE)

What did a monk do?

Monks were religious men who lived in isolated communities. They served as scribes for the surrounding city, they also ran schools.