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Can a parakeet talk?

If you are referring to a budgie I can't say no cause I had one that talks and now i have another who has just started talking. i had a parakeet who said or "copied" several t (MORE)

Is a monk parakeet a good pet to have?

  Yes. I've owned one for 5 years or so now and he's probably the best pet I've ever had. You just have to take the time to play with them and make them feel like you care (MORE)

How do parakeets flirt?

yes. parakeets like all parrots flirt by fluffing their feathers and pinning their eyes. they do this like African greys.
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What is a monk?

  A monk is someone who dedicates their life to God, once they become a monk they agree to lead a simple life. They are restricted from having any relationships.  
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What are monks?

A monk is a person who dedicates his life to his religion. Not by becoming a priest but by placing himself outside the day to day activities of normal society and family life (MORE)

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