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Where can you get a monkey?

You can get one from private breeders, but it is very expensive,and monkeys are extremely hard to take care of. Also, there arelaws in many states and areas limiting what kind (MORE)
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What can monkeys do?

Monkeys can climb and hang on the trees. They can walk with two feet or 4 feet.
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What monkeys do?

will steel keys and will trick each other and will HANG out ( ha ha)
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Who are The Monkeys?

Monkeys are a type of primate, related to apes (including humans). The Monkees are a pop rock group, formed in 1966.
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Do you have a monkey?

If You have a monkey he will or may try to kiss you . and he might like u who knows . please dont say nothin bout monkeys they r CUTE
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What can a monkey do?

Monkeys can do a billion and one things like eat bannanas, bugs, climb trees, play, pick things up with their opposable thumbs and much more!
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If I am a monkey what are You?

If you are a monkey i am a twilight addict!! hehe um its A monkeyA group of monkeys , but if we're all monkeys were a a group of monkeys?? :P
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What can monkey do?

they jump,they swing from tree to tree,they eat bananas and other fruits. what else do u want to know bout monkeys except the simple things
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If you are a monkey what will you do?

Try to work my way up the established hierarchy, survive, eat, sleep, and pass on my genes through a female to ensure that my legacy hopefully lives on.