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What is a marsh?

A marsh is an area of soft, wet, low-lying land, characterized by  grassy vegetation and often forming a transition zone between water  and land.   The similar wetland c (MORE)

Do Marshes have trees?

nope, marshes are wet lands without trees. but swamps, a different kind of wetland, do have trees (:
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What is a marsh from a wetland?

  A marsh is a type of wetland. Other types of wetlands include swamps, bogs, fens, forested wetlands, and others.   A marsh is almost always inundated, or full of wate (MORE)

What are salt marshes?

Salt marshes are an area between land and brackish water that areknown to flood. Salt marshes collect sediments and nutrients thatare vital to the ecosystem.
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What is the pantanal marsh?

Pantanal marsh is the biggest marsh in the world, and I think it is located in Brazil.   Hope that helps.
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How does marsh smell?

Marshes have decaying plants and animals and sun-dried leaves. Since the water doesn't move around much, the decay plus wet muddy soil smells stagnant, earthy, 'froggy'. There (MORE)

How deep is a marsh?

marsh has a deep over 1 million deep. - - - -- -- -- - - -- -- - - -- -- so add me fb correct po iyan galing po iyan sa book ko na st.marys

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