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What was the name of Tarzan's monkey in the novels?

Tarzan didn't "own" a monkey in the novels, but often had a monkey companion: Either N'kima or of those two, or maybe both. The above is pretty much correct. The ch (MORE)

Why was Novel called a novel of manners?

i think novel is free and was written for all the stage of people i mean all those who knew and also know reading or can,t and also give many lesson and give more knowledge an (MORE)

What does novel mean in novel H1N1?

The word "novel" was selected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to distinguish this H1N1 virus from all the other H1N1 viruses because the 2009 pandemic (MORE)
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Do monkeys eat other monkeys?

Yes, chimpanzees gather in groups and hunt in an excited frenzy, howling, chasing rounding up, and eating smaller monkeys alive. Most are mainly herbivorous - that is they eat (MORE)

What is the novel?

"The novel" is a bunch of infinite books that teach you about life. They all have literary terms and a theme. They all try to teach you something or just confuse you.
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What does monkey see monkey do mean?

It means that if you do something, someone will follow you and do the same thing, just because they saw you do it. People say "Monkey see, monkey do" when someone sees another (MORE)
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How do Monkeys comunicate with other Monkeys?

They have actually a primitive linguistic ability. Witch means they  actually can speak to one another. Every scream they make is an  signal. They might warn for attacking p (MORE)

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