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Do monkeys have a nucleus?

Well their cells do. All cells have nucleus but only plant cells have cell walls. So yes the monkey does have a nucleus along with every living thing and nonartificial thing o (MORE)
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Are there monkeys in Egypt?

Not any more! Prehistoric/predynastic Egypt had a savannah-like environment, and this is attested to by Saharan rock paintings in Egypt and other North African Saharan countri (MORE)
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Who are monkeys' enemies?

Large predators such as jaguars, lions, pumas. Eagles have been known to swoop up a monkey, and they like sloths too. jaguar, cheetah, lion, etc.,
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Why are monkeys endangered?

Some species are endangered due to loss of habitat and hunting but many species are flourishing. monkeys are becoming endangered because of hunting and habitat destruction. (MORE)
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Do monkeys eat other monkeys?

Yes, chimpanzees gather in groups and hunt in an excited frenzy, howling, chasing rounding up, and eating smaller monkeys alive. Most are mainly herbivorous - that is they eat (MORE)
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What does monkey see monkey do mean?

It means that if you do something, someone will follow you and do the same thing, just because they saw you do it. People say "Monkey see, monkey do" when someone sees another (MORE)

What can monkeys do with their tails?

  Most monkeys do not actually hang from their tails, but some kinds grip onto branches with them. Monkeys use their tails to balance as they are walking and climbing alon (MORE)
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How do Monkeys comunicate with other Monkeys?

They have actually a primitive linguistic ability. Witch means they  actually can speak to one another. Every scream they make is an  signal. They might warn for attacking p (MORE)