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Advantages of monoculture?

The advantage of a monoculture is that it allows huge amounts of  food to be produced for our ever increasing population, and to be  provided at affordable prices. This mode (MORE)

What is monoculture plantation?

monoculture means that you remove the entire natural ecosystem, pile the roots and debris and burn them, plow the soil and plant seeds of a food or fibre crop, usually exotic (MORE)
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What are the advantages of monoculture?

There are quite a number of advantages of monoculture. Some of them  include steady market for farm produce, efficient farming which  results into more harvests, reduced cos (MORE)

Is it okay to run a monoculture wheat farm?

No, Its Not good to do that because when u do that u should run a beans or something like that to make the soil good then u should do whatever u want for 3-4 years planting to (MORE)

Is a Christmas tree farm monoculture?

Answer   Definition of monoculture from   # The cultivation of a single crop on a farm or in a region or country.  # A single, homogeneous culture witho (MORE)