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Is it okay to run a monoculture wheat farm?

No, Its Not good to do that because when u do that u should run a beans or something like that to make the soil good then u should do whatever u want for 3-4 years planting to (MORE)
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Advantages of monoculture?

The advantage of a monoculture is that it allows huge amounts of  food to be produced for our ever increasing population, and to be  provided at affordable prices. This mode (MORE)

What is monoculture plantation?

monoculture means that you remove the entire natural ecosystem, pile the roots and debris and burn them, plow the soil and plant seeds of a food or fibre crop, usually exotic (MORE)

The Environmental Cost of Using Ethanol in Fuel

Ethanol is a common additive to automotive fuel in the United States made from corn, with many gas stations selling fuel with 10 or 15 percent ethanol. Its affordable cost and (MORE)

The Use of Horticulture in Productive Landscaping

Horticultural landscaping is landscaping that has been created for the purpose of using plants to enhance human life. This can include food and medicinal plants, attractive la (MORE)

Key Tips for Being Environmentally Friendly Around the House

Being environmentally friendly is no small task. Modern culture encourages wasteful and destructive behaviors, and it is hard to shake them off and live a green lifestyle. The (MORE)
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Why Are Honey Bees Dying In Such Large Numbers?

In October 2006, beekeepers across the U.S. began to report huge losses in bee colonies. Some reported a 30-90 percent loss in hives and while some colony loss is expected, es (MORE)
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What are the advantages of monoculture?

There are quite a number of advantages of monoculture. Some of them  include steady market for farm produce, efficient farming which  results into more harvests, reduced cos (MORE)