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What is a monocyte?

n. A large, circulating, phagocytic white blood cell, having a single well-defined nucleus and very fine granulation in the cytoplasm. Monocytes constitute from 3 to 8 perce ( Full Answer )
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What are absolute monocytes?

Monocytes are one "flavor" of white blood cells in the human body. In a complete blood count, their numbers are reported in two different ways, as a percentage, and as a total ( Full Answer )
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What does monocyte?

Monocytes are a type of white blood cell. They are the largestwhite blood cell and are part of vertebrates immune system.
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What is monocytes do in a body?

Monocytes ARE a a type of leukocyte , part of the human body's immune system, monocytes have 2 funtions: 1. to replenish macrophages and dendrites to normal state 2. m ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of monocytes?

Monocyte: A white blood cell that has a single nucleus and can ingest (take in) foreign material. (In other words, a monocyte is thus a mononuclear phagocyte that circulates ( Full Answer )
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Do monocyte have a nucleus?

Monocytes are: kidney shaped nucleus amiboid ( not round; squeeze around other cells) largest White Blood Cells ( 16-22 um diameter) exit into tissues- become macrophages re ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of a monocyte?

phagocytic cell in the blood, leaves blood and becomes a macrophage which phagocites bacteria, dead cells, cell fragments, and other debris within tissues.
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Where are monocytes found?

Over half of them are found in the spleen, but they also circulate throughout the body in our blood. Being a part of the blood allows them to be easily transported to the site ( Full Answer )
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Where is monocytic ehrlichiosis?

As of early 1998, about 400 cases of monocytic ehrlichiosis had been reported in 30 states, primarily in the southeastern and south central United States
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Where is monocyte located?

Monocytes are a type of white blood cell and are part of the innate immune system of vertebrates including all mammals (including humans), birds, reptiles, and fish. Monocytes ( Full Answer )