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Where can you find a car model kit of 1973 monogram quicksilver?

I have one. Monogram Tom Daniel Quicksilver still in the original sealed box from 1973. Box is pristine and still has the $1.97 price tag from Child world toy stor that went o (MORE)

What font style is used in Roger Federer monogram?

The font used in tennis player Roger Federer's monogram is a  slightly altered version of the Bodoni font. Roger Federer has been  using this monogram since 2006.
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How do you tighten loose door handle on ge monogram dishwasher?

Open the door. Remove the 12 screws inside the door around the perimeter. The front of the door will separate from the back- be careful to not let them spring apart. You may w (MORE)
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Where can one buy monogrammed glasses for drinking?

A number of companies offer personalised drinking glasses. Wealthwoods Gifts Inc sell a variety of monogrammed glasses while Glass with a Twist claim that they can etch a gla (MORE)