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If Pittsburgh is at elevation 1223 feet and it is downstream the Monongahela from Morgantown WV how is Morgantown only 960 feet elevation?

The altitude of Pittsburgh at the point, where the three rivers come together, is between 700 and 800 feet above sea level. I don't remember the exact figure, but I know that (MORE)

What is a river?

A river is the largest type of freshwater flow across a land surface, usually starting from high ground, such as mountains, and ending at a lake or sea. A river flows in a str (MORE)

When can the river called a dead river?

  The Nile is not a 'dead river' however, any river would be considered a 'dead river' once it was incapable of sustaining any form of life such as fish and aquatic plant (MORE)

Is the Nile River a mature river?

No - it's an old river .This river is such old that it is named  even in holy book in the story of prophet Yusuf and the story of  Moses's and Bani Israelians's escape from (MORE)

Is there a such thing as Lake Monongahela?

Lake Monongahela was formed when the Monongahela River and its tributaries were dammed by glacial outwash flooding all land below 1,100 feet in parts of northwestern West Virg (MORE)

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