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What is monotheism?

Belief in one God and that only one God exists. Monotheism (from Greek μόνος) is the belief in theology thatonly one God exists.

Is Hinduism monotheism?

No. Mono means one. If a religion is monotheistic, the followers believe in only one God. In Hinduism, there are many Gods and Goddesses.

Who practiced monotheism?

Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the adherents of numerous less famous religions (like Druze and Baha'i) are monotheists. Monotheism is most clear in Judaism and Islam, since (MORE)

Where did monotheism?

Your question is incomplete. Monotheism means belief in only one god (ex: Christianity) while polytheism means belief in more than one god (ex: ancient Greek). ANSWER 2: (MORE)
In Judaism

What was the Hebrew's monotheism?

It's a matter of opinion and debate. Clearly the ancient Hebrews worshipped only one God, but it's possible that they recognized the existence of other, lesser gods. By the (MORE)

What is the benefit of monotheism?

There is no evidence that monotheism is superior to polytheism. In fact, polytheistic religions appear to be somewhat more tolerant that monotheistic religions. If you are cho (MORE)

Where was monotheism born?

A: Monotheism may have existed in more than one culture, so it is somewhat misleading to speak of monotheism as having been 'born'. For example, some early Bronze Age culture (MORE)