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What is ethical monotheism?

Ethical Monotheism is a term used to describe a belief in one God who guides humanity through ethical principles. This can be seen as distinct from monotheistic beliefs which (MORE)
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Where did the idea of monotheism come from?

Judaism, along with Zoroastrianism, was monotheistic. The Hebrews believed that there was just one God. All prior religions had been polytheistic, which meant they believed i (MORE)

Who invented monotheism?

Biblical Answer Monotheism was first practiced by Adam and Eve when they were created by YHVH. The earliest recorded scripture containing ideas of Monotheism was in the Hebre (MORE)

What are monotheism and Christianity?

Christianity is monotheistic.   Christians believe there is only one God. Christianity is more than  belief in Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was  Go (MORE)