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What is monotheism?

Belief in one God and that only one God exists. Monotheism (from Greek μόνος) is the belief in theology thatonly one God exists.
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What is the benefit of monotheism?

There is no evidence that monotheism is superior to polytheism. In fact, polytheistic religions appear to be somewhat more tolerant that monotheistic religions. If you are cho (MORE)

How did monotheism shape the history of the Hebrews?

Monotheism shape the Hebrews history a ton because when they believed in one god every one around them believed in many gods such as Rome. Just gave the Hebrews a disadvantage (MORE)
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What is ethical monotheism?

Ethical Monotheism is a term used to describe a belief in one God who guides humanity through ethical principles. This can be seen as distinct from monotheistic beliefs which (MORE)

Why did the Israelites embrace monotheism?

The Bible itself tells us the the Kingdom of Israel and its inhabitants were at all times polytheistic. The Kingdom of Judah did eventually embrace monotheism, but this is bel (MORE)

Who invented monotheism?

Biblical Answer Monotheism was first practiced by Adam and Eve when they were created by YHVH. The earliest recorded scripture containing ideas of Monotheism was in the Hebre (MORE)

Is Abraham the father of monotheism?

A:There is no evidence anywhere in the Book of Genesis that Abraham was monotheistic. Although Genesis attributes to Abraham worship of God (Yahweh), it does not exclude his a (MORE)

What are monotheism pantheism polytheism and theocracy?

These four concepts all relate to religion. "Theos" and "theis" both come from the Greek root meaning "god." Monotheism is the belief in one conscious god, usually possessing (MORE)

What are monotheism and Christianity?

Christianity is monotheistic.   Christians believe there is only one God. Christianity is more than  belief in Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was  Go (MORE)