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Who is Monsanto Pope?

  He was a Defensive Tackle from the University of Virginia. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 7th round of the 2002 NFL draft. Pope played for Denver 4 years be (MORE)

Is Kraft owned by Monsanto?

No Kraft is no longer owned by anyone other than the shareholders of Kraft itself. It used to be a division of Altria (formerly Phillip Morris) but was recently spun off and n (MORE)

What does Monsanto make?

Primarily, they make pesticides, herbicides, and, oddly enough, the seeds for many foods we eat, some of which are genetically engineered. Their primary consumer is obviously (MORE)
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In your opinion why is Monsanto a bad company?

Yes. Monsanto is a bad company. Even once saying "We can not lose one dollar of business". For more information you can look up Food Inc. , or ,The World According to Monsanto (MORE)

How much money does Obama get from Monsanto?

Monsanto donated 3 times more money to republican representatives  than democrats, and 2 times more to republican senators than  democrats:    Obama does not take don (MORE)
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Is Proctor and Gamble owned by Monsanto?

I don't know and I can't help but wonder, how come no one on the world wide web internet world knows the answer to this simple question. I also want to know since proctor an (MORE)
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What is monsanto?

Monsanto is a company that started making chemicals that were used  in the development of synthetic fabrics. They are currently under  fire for their participation in creati (MORE)