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How did Michael Taylor ex Vice President lawyer and lobbyist for Monsanto get hired to counsel the FDA?

Whether it is good or bad, the fact remains that many presidents have hired former lobbyists, former advocates for private industry, and former executives from Wall Street or (MORE)

Do people who hold old monsanto stock now own pfizer stock?

yes, Monsanto MTC was merged with Upjohn Pharmacia which eventyally merged with Pfizer PFE. It is very complicated to track it, but I'll try to help.. My dates may be off, in (MORE)
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Are Cargill and Monsanto connected in any way?

  In addition to Monsanto providing seed used by some Cagill suppliers, which then becomes grain Cargill buys and processes, Monsanto and Cargill participate in joint vent (MORE)

Is Kraft owned by Monsanto?

No Kraft is no longer owned by anyone other than the shareholders of Kraft itself. It used to be a division of Altria (formerly Phillip Morris) but was recently spun off and n (MORE)

Did Monsanto give stock to Dr Bruce Beutler for opposing California prop 37-labeling of GMO foods?

It is not known whether or not Monsanto gave stock to Dr. Bruce  Beutler for his opposition to California's Prop 37. If they did, it  is not something that would be widely k (MORE)