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How many monsters are in monster high?

The main characters are : Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo De Nile, Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, Deuce Gorgon, and later Abbey Bominable came in to (MORE)

Are there monsters?

It depends upon one's definition of "monster". A monster may be defined as any creature out of the ordinary: genetic mutations occur regularly in nature, but this does not nec (MORE)

What was the monsters names in Monsters Inc?

John Goodman as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan, a large furry blue monster with horns and purple spots. Even though he excels at scaring children, he is kind-hearted and thoughtfu (MORE)

Which film was on ZDF channel on 16 and 17 of 2010?

Which of the following is an example of a theme?      A.  A working college student misses out on fun activities, but his  hard work helps him appreciate his degree (MORE)

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