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What is a montage?

A montage is a collaberation of something. For example taking a bunch of clips and putting them together in one video. Here is the definition of a montage: montage |mänË (MORE)

What is montage?

Montage refers to the process of choosing and editing pieces offilm. These pieces are placed back together to create the entirefilmstrip.
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What are montages and why are they used?

In movies montages are used to show viewers things that have goneon in the past that might not have been shown on the screen.Montages are short shots that are put together. Th (MORE)

What is a photo montage?

A collection of different photos placed together, sometimes slightly overlapping or fading in to each other, on one general canvas.

What does montag do?

He burns books that are not allowed in the society. Montag is a fireman who ironically starts fires by burning books and houses.
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What is a sound montage?

is lots on sound put together to make a big sound for E.g. if you was making a sound montage of a classroom you would have to think of all the sounds you can hear in a classro (MORE)
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What is a montage poem?

a montage poem is like a staccato poem. lines are brief short and not lenghty. format: -action -action -action end montage ex. 1 Mysterious and vague a fingerprint investig (MORE)

What is a romantic montage?

A montage is representation of different pictures or short film ofabout 1-10 seconds, merged in a video format to convey message tothe audience. A montage is a kind of collag (MORE)

What is montags job?

Montag is a fireman living in a futuristic America where readingand owning books are banned. Members of society only focus onentertainment and immediate gratification. If book (MORE)