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Why did montag become a firefighter?

because he wanted to follow the family tradition. His father and grandfather were both fireman.
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What does Faber tell montag about books?

Saving books is important and people should be able to be independent and read books if they want. People shouldn't be told to not read and obtain useful information. If peopl (MORE)

Where did montag hide his books?

Montag hid them first behind the ventillator grille. Although when the ladies left after that event they had at their house, he then hid them in his backyard in some bushes be (MORE)

What does does Faber tell montag about books?

  That saving books is important, people must be free to read books and act on the information that they obtain from books.
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What plan did montag and Faber devise?

The plan, as Faber condenses it is, "The salamander devours its own tail." When Montag goes to Faber's home, he doesn't have a clear plan of attack. He tells Faber that they (MORE)

What is montage?

Montage refers to the process of choosing and editing pieces of  film. These pieces are placed back together to create the entire  filmstrip.
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How much does heidi montag weigh?

Shes probably 5'2 or 5'3 and weights between 100 to 110 pounds. REAL ANSWER: She is five feet five inches. she weighs probably 110 pounds even though her big melons say other (MORE)

What is a romantic montage?

A montage is representation of different pictures or short film of  about 1-10 seconds, merged in a video format to convey message to  the audience.    A montage is a (MORE)