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What is parallel montage?

  In the context of making a film - It is the conveying of a sense of the simultaneity of two actions taking place at a geographical distance by means of alternating shots (MORE)

What is a video montage?

It's a video created by combining several pictures and videos together and telling a story.
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What is montage?

Montage refers to the process of choosing and editing pieces of  film. These pieces are placed back together to create the entire  filmstrip.
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How much does heidi montag weigh?

Shes probably 5'2 or 5'3 and weights between 100 to 110 pounds. REAL ANSWER: She is five feet five inches. she weighs probably 110 pounds even though her big melons say other (MORE)

What is a romantic montage?

A montage is representation of different pictures or short film of  about 1-10 seconds, merged in a video format to convey message to  the audience.    A montage is a (MORE)