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Which are best montessori schools in Karachi?

The answer applicable depends on what requirements you have in defining best. Generally, Pakistanis consider big brand names as "best" when in fact they are no more than a con (MORE)

What is EPL in montessori system?

EPL in Montessori system implies Exercises of Practical life. Here child is introduced to a prepared environment where child can carry out activities similar to ones that have (MORE)

Who is Maria Montessori?

    Answer         EXTRAORDINARY!! Maria Montessori can be described in one single word - this describes her work her studies her patience and the e (MORE)
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Are Montessori schools right for my child?

If you're child prefers to learn at their own pace using all 5 senses then Montessori schools if definitely something for you to look at. Most schools place children in 3-year (MORE)

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