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Who is or was Montserrat Roig?

Answer . An actress. See this site for more information, including her accomplishments and pictures:
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Where is Montserrat?

It is located in Central America but sometimes because it is in such an awkward position in the world some say that it's in North or South America but I would say Central Amer ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe on Montserrat?

Only a small part of the island in the north is safe. The rest of the island is blocked of.
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What happened at Montserrat?

There was a really bad eruption and almost all of the city wasdestroyed because of it. Montserrat is an small Caribbean island,the capital is plymoth.
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How old is montserrat?

Montserrat is approximately the same age as your mother and it is not erupting with lava it is just galaxy's hot chocolate powder, i bet you any money if u were to pour hot wa ( Full Answer )
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What is the capital of Montserrat?

Plymouth is the official capital of Montserrat. However, the government has been meeting at Brades Estate in the northwest of the island since the evacuation of Plymouth in ( Full Answer )
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What does montserrat sit on?

Montseratt is very close to the joining of the south American plate and the noth American plate.
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Do montserrat have a volcano?

Yes it has two volacnoes. Standing lower then 3,000 feet but around that, i think they are now 3,000 feet because of all the eruptions... :D
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Why does montserrat have volcanoes?

A very long time ago, An undersea volcano erupted from the ocean's floor. Spewing its lava (molten rock), the volcano built an undersea mountain that grew higher and higher, e ( Full Answer )
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When did Montserrat get its independence?

Independence from whom ?... Montserrat is a British OverseasTerrirory - ruled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.