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How do you save monuments?

Stop people from writing on the walls of our monuments because it spoils the beauty of our monument…. Spread awareness among people about the importance of our monuments so (MORE)
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Why were monuments built?

Monuments are built to honor the memory of a historic person or  event. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC is a very good  example of a monument dedicated to a person.
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What rock is used to build monuments?

The ancient Egyptians used Brick and Stone to build their monuments and pyramids, which still stand today at around 5000 years old. That is true. BUT Modern day monuments (MORE)

Where was the monument erected?

in Jordan boultons pants because he seen a really hot girl on his way to the gym on a warm summers day
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What is the Abbreviation for monument?

Everywhere I can find it, monument is MON. If you are talking about a National Monument, it is NM.
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Name the monuments built by jahangir?

Jahangir is Akbar's son. He finished Abkar's tomb for Akbar.  Jahangir built the Tomb of Itmad-ud-daula. Jahangir also built his  own palace, that is the Jahangir Mahal.  (MORE)
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How do you preserve monuments?

we should try to stop the the people who write on the monuments we cn also try to clean them sometimes try to complain to any orgnization if there is any fatories we sho (MORE)