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What blocks the moon when it is half a moon?

The object that blocks the moon when there is a half moon is the moon itself. The moon is a sphere, so only one half of it can be sunlit at any moment. The other half is dark (MORE)

How does the moon buggy stay on the moon?

It stays on the moon by way of gravity. The moon is not as large as the earth, but it is a very large body nonetheless. It has strong enough gravity to allow astronauts to wal (MORE)

Why do moons have moon rocks?

On July 20, 1959; NASA sent the Apollo 11 to the moon. On this mission, they discovered all of the cheese on the moon was missing. They then contacted the U.S. and in an attem (MORE)

Can a moon have moons?

Yes. Think of it like this, and object, orbiting an object, orbiting an object, orbiting an object. If Earth can orbit the sun with the moon still orbiting the Earth, then wha (MORE)

Can a moon have a moon?

It is possible but unlikely due to gravitational perturbations with the host planet which would pull the secondary moon out of it's orbit around the primary moon.
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What moon is after the first quarter moon?

Most people would think it was just the second quarter moon, but actually it is called a Gibbous moon, which is when the moon is waxing between a first-quarter moon and a full (MORE)

What does the moon do?

The moon helps the Earth's axis stay constant, gives us most of the tides and seasons. give off dark light
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What is a moon?

Any natural satellite that revolves around a planet.   Our Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System The moon refers to the (MORE)

Do moons have moons?

The 19-mile-wide asteroid 243 Ida, which orbits the Sun every 4.8  years,  has it's own little pet moon Dactyl, which is only about a mile  wide. While  moons can have m (MORE)