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Why was Moonlight canceled?

Because of the writer's strike. They did not have enough episodes to sell to CBS and CBS would not wait for more to be written, so they didnt pick up the show for a second ser (MORE)

What is moonlight?

Sunlight that hits the moon. This light makes the moon visible and is reflected to Earth producing a silvery light in the evenings.
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What causes moonlight?

It is sunlight hitting the moon that reflects back on the earth. Surprisingly enough, moonlight is caused by sunlight. Moonlight is a result of the sun shining on the moon and (MORE)
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Are there vitamins in moonlight?

moon light is sunlight reflected off the moon, skin produces vitamin D when exposed to the UVB rays from sunlight. The amount of light reflected back from the moon is relative (MORE)

What color is moonlight?

Moonlight that is seen around a full moon often looks blue in  coloring. Moonlight in earlier or later moons is silver or yellow  in coloring.

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What is the plural of moonlight?

There is no plural form for the noun moonlight, we have only one moon to shed light. One context for making moonlight plural is a theatrical or photography setting when you (MORE)