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What is the role of a 'Moor' as in the McCarthy Moor?

This poem personifies the moon as a woman smiling over us. The speaker admires the qualities and the position of the moon. ◘ The speaker in this poem respects natur (MORE)

Who were the moors?

Moors is the Spanish name for Islamic people (mostly from northern Africa) who had invaded Spain in the 8th century. They have ruled south-eastern Spain for a few hundred year (MORE)

What is moor?

A black moor? A black cold water fish with cute googly eyes. Not very hardy so require a good fish keeper .

What was the robin moor?

The Robin Moor was a US ship sunk in neutral waters by a German submarine several months before the United States was in the Second World War. The sinking was an illegal act a (MORE)

Was Soloman a moor?

I assume you mean the Biblical character, King Solomon. He was Jewish, of course. and it is believed he had Four Queens ( this does not mean he invented Poker) One of the was (MORE)
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Who is Gavin Moore?

A character from the novel Legatum by L.L Brunk. Gavin is a successful business man who is very savvy and charismatic. He is the father to the protagonist of the story Nich (MORE)
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Who is birane Moore?

Birane Moore is a rising dancer, choregrapher, and actor. And is currently the choregrapher for Moore Arts Movement. He is 15 years old and has been in Outkast Big Boi Product (MORE)

How did the moors live?

No one has answered this so im gonna do it. I think some ofthem lived WOW and others not very well both ends of a string