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What is a moot point?

Moot means not really relevant. A 'Moot Court' is deciding a case that is not really a true case, though the arguments and the situation may match a real life case. A 'Moot Po ( Full Answer )
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What is a moot judgment?

Answer . Under the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of many states, courts are only entitled to hear live cases and controversies. To be a live case or controversy, ( Full Answer )
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What is moot court?

It is a practice court-type situation for law students, involving a fictitious set of facts.
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What is a moot case?

"Moot" refers to an issue that remains unsettled, open to argument or is debatable. It especially refers to a legal question which has not yet been determined by any decision ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with moot in it?

After his bike was stolen, the cost of the impending bike race became a moot point.
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Dismissed as moot?

A moot question is one which has not been decided. (i.e.- If you ask a question which has already been asked by someone else - but to which there is not yet an answer, then YO ( Full Answer )
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What is capital mooting?

Well, mooting means to bring up, introduce, discuss and debate. So one would assume capital mooting is dicussing issues surrounding the use and distribution of capital.
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Can a discussion be moot?

Yes, in the sense of having only academic importance. Used dismissively, as in "This entire discussion is moot."
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What is the definition of moot?

moot moots mooting mooted VERB: = (often used in passive) If a plan, idea, or subject is mooted, it is suggested or introduced for discussion. Plans have been mooted for ( Full Answer )