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What is a moped?

A moped is a light, two-wheeled vehicle with a motor, designed foreconomical road travel. it is a type of gearit is a type of gear The noun moped (also mo-ped ) is a bike w ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the moped?

The word moped is a portmanteau of "motor" and "pedal",originally coined in Sweden in 1953 by Swedish journalist HaraldNielsen. . Many different people put helper motors on b ( Full Answer )
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How do you restrict a moped?

First of all you put the fuel in the moped as per requirement, hide the keys, and the last option is leak Tyre tube.
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How do you bore out a moped?

The best way is to find a kit made for your moped. They will give you all of the parts you need along with a step by step manual. You could also have a dealer do it for you if ( Full Answer )
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How do you turn on a moped?

Be more specific, What brand is it, whats the model number, and what year is it?. Normally if it is an electric moped it has a key insert. insert the key and turn clock-wise . ( Full Answer )
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What is the cost for a moped?

It all depends on the brand, power, what model it is, and a few other things. there is no exact price, same goes with everything, like clothes, there is no exact price, becaus ( Full Answer )
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Are mopeds cool?

if you want to have no friends they make out at 60 - 70 kph
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Where can you buy a moped?

A moped can be bought in a variety of places. Online places such ascraigslist or even at a dealership in person.
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Why does your moped not run?

This is not a very specific question! It cold be due to a number of things. You may need to replace the spark plug, or it may be flooded. If it has a kick start, try that. The ( Full Answer )
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How to sell a moped?

Usually the best way to sell a moped is to put an ad in the local paper, as well as online, also it would be preferable to ask any 16 year olds if they want to buy it, as they ( Full Answer )