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How do you drive a moped?

The right handgrip turns. Turn it clockwise and the bike will speed up. There are no gears or clutch, everything is automatic. Brakes are the opposite way round to what you fi (MORE)

What is the safest moped?

  its not so much the scooter as the rider and people around here are some good scooters: Yamaha Zuma   = Honda Ruckus =   its not so much the scooter as the r (MORE)

How much are mopeds?

How much are mopeds? well its a mini and a rolls Royce depends on how much , what age, and what type ... whats your budget ??
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Why are mopeds 49cc?

  The legal definition of a motorcycle in most jurisdictions is a two-wheeled motorized vehicle with an engine displacement of 50 ccs and over. To get the most powerful tw (MORE)

What is a mopeds?

mopeds are scoters that are 49cc and have a top speed of 30mph (49kph roughly) and sound ,in my peronal opinian, like law mowers
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How do you spell moped?

There are two words correctly spelled that way : MOPED (around) - moved in a dull, listless, or melancholy way MOPED (also mo-ped) - colloquial term for a motorized / pedal bi (MORE)