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What does bryn y mor mean?

    Answer     Bryn-y-môr [ bri-nø- moor ] 1 name of a farm overlooking the Gwendraeth estuary, Cydweli ETYMOLOGY: ("(the) house (of) the sea") (bryn = (MORE)

What is the meaning of orbiculus aut mors?

I'm trying to piece this together from the individual latin words, so I may be wrong. But Orbiculus aut mors means something like "Skate or death" as in "Give me rollerderby (MORE)
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What does the Hamburg expression of Hummel Hummel mors mors mean?

Hummel Hummel is a traditional Hamburg greeting. The reply is Mors, Mors! The greeting goes back to the 19th Century and a cantankerous water carrier called Johann Wilhelm Ben (MORE)

What is a mors bag?

  Mors bags are bags made from otherwise discarded fabric- curtains, bedcovers, old clothes etc. sewn into useable shopping bags and then distributed free to shoppers.  (MORE)
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Does lighter objects have mor or less inertia then heavier objects?

Lighter Objects have LESS "inertia". Mass is physical manifestation of inertia. Mass is weight so the more mass the more potential inertia to over-come -- either to make an ob (MORE)
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What services does Oran Mor provide?

Oran Mor provide a number of events services. They host events such as weddings, parties, corporate and private events as well as live music concerts.
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