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What is a mors bag?

Mors bags are bags made from otherwise discarded fabric- curtains, bedcovers, old clothes etc. sewn into useable shopping bags and then distributed free to shoppers.. A commu ( Full Answer )
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Who has mor nukes?

Russia has the most Nuclear Warheads. They have over double the Americans who have the second largest amount. P.s America = 18000 nukes Russia = 38000
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What is the meaning of orbiculus aut mors?

I'm trying to piece this together from the individual latin words, so I may be wrong. But Orbiculus aut mors means something like "Skate or death" as in "Give me rollerderby ( Full Answer )
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What are words with the root word mor?

4-letter words mora, more, morn, mors, mort 5-letter words morae, moral, moras, moray, morel, mores, morns, moron, morph, morro, morse, morts 6-letter words mor ( Full Answer )
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What does the Hamburg expression of Hummel Hummel mors mors mean?

Hummel Hummel is a traditional Hamburg greeting. The reply is Mors, Mors! The greeting goes back to the 19th Century and a cantankerous water carrier called Johann Wil ( Full Answer )
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When was mors code iventid?

Morse Code was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse (1791-1872), a painter and founder of the National Academy of Design. He conceived the basic idea of an electromagnetic telegraph ( Full Answer )
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What does mors inimicis mean?

Inimicis, though traditionally an adj., is probably working as a substantive here. It's in the dative or abl. (dat. works better). "Death to the enemy" is the best translat ( Full Answer )
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What is bromfed dm syp mor?

Bromfed DM Syp Mor is a medication that is commonly prescribed forrespiratory illnesses. One of the most frequently reported adverseeffect from this medication is hair loss.
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What does mor stand for in gun terminology?

No reference for MOR. Possibly MOA? Minute of angle- it is a reference to the accuracy of a firearm. A 1 MOA rifle will hold all shots in a one inch group at 100 yards, 2 inch ( Full Answer )
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What is featured on the MORS website?

MORS refers to Military Operations Research Society. The website offers the ability to join a wide network of individuals who work in this area, allowing for one to network s ( Full Answer )