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What is morality?

Answer Morality is the force of "how to be" in this human existence. "How TO BE" is the force of "being" in this world. As we exist, we be. How we be is the question of w ( Full Answer )
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What is morale?

It's like spirit. So if someone has high morale, it means they'reoptimistic and happy. Morale is a measure of the general emotional state of a person orgroup, either positive ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between morals and morality?

Difference between morals and morality . What is the difference between "morals" and "morality"? I think these are just two sides of the same moral phenomenon. Morals are ( Full Answer )
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What is moral?

Nothing is necessarily moral or immoral. Morality is a very old notion which is being replaced with the concept of ethics.
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What are moralities?

morality is the interest in the difference of good and evil, good conduct and bad conduct, motivations based on the idea of good. Morals, early on were decided upon by a given ( Full Answer )
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Why be moral?

you need to be moral for many reasons. First of all you need to be moral to get to heaven. On judgment day immorality will not help you at all. So if you want to get to heaven ( Full Answer )
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Why you be moral?

Answer:. The 3 practise of Buddhism are morality, meditation and wisdom. Morality is a stepping stone to meditation which leads to wisdom.. Meditation requires full focus an ( Full Answer )
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What are Moral?

Answer Moral, an adjective word, which deals with the principles of right and wrong of human character. Its a code of behavior, considered right or good or acceptable.
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What is in moral?

I think you're asking "What is Immoral?" If so, morals are rules a society as a whole chooses and agrees to live by, so anyone, anything, or practice, that breaks down that so ( Full Answer )
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Is there a moral and morale?

Yes, Moral speaks to the ideas of right and wrong, whereas Morale talks about the attitude about circumstances. Here are some examples. John was studying the bible to help him ( Full Answer )