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What is moral relativism?

Moral relativism is a term that describes the idea that people's understanding of morals, ethical standards, what is right/wrong, etc. is shaped by their culture, life experie (MORE)

What is moral damages?

Moral damages are things a person does that violate their moral  code of conduct. This may be stealing, having an affair, or lying  about something.

What are moralities?

  morality is the interest in the difference of good and evil, good conduct and bad conduct, motivations based on the idea of good. Morals, early on were decided upon by a (MORE)

What is morale?

It's like spirit. So if someone has high morale, it means they're  optimistic and happy.    Morale is a measure of the general emotional state of a person or  group, (MORE)

What is moral advantage?

Spiritually when we are within the will of God we have put ourselves in a position to not only receive blessings but to also avoid the consequences of sin. When we live a mora (MORE)

What is the difference between morals and morality?

  Difference between morals and morality   What is the difference between "morals" and "morality"? I think these are just two sides of the same moral phenomenon. Mora (MORE)

What is moral life?

A moral life refers to a person's life who has attempted to do the  right thing. Morals are determined and accepted by the culture and  the standards that the culture expect (MORE)

What is different from Christian morality and morality?

Morality can be catagorized into many different groups. Some believe morality is based off of emotions. Others believe that morality is based off of whether one's action creat (MORE)

What does Antigone have to do with morality?

The play Antigone is all about morality, primarily concerning the conflict between divine law and human/state law. Also addressed are the topics of religion, gender rights, fa (MORE)