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De facto moratorium?

De facto moratorium is the laws ending mandatory death penaltysentences. The mandatory death penalty laws were deemedunconstitutional because they did not allow any degrees of (MORE)

Definition of De Facto Moratorium?

De Facto moratorium is a law ending mandatory death sentencing. The court ruled the mandatory death penalty laws unconstitutional because they do not allow juries to take into (MORE)
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What is a timber moratorium?

A Timber Moratorium puts a halt on the cutting of trees in the area. (source: Grays Harbor County zoning ordinance. (Washington State))
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What is a fishing moratorium?

A fishing moratorium is a ban on fishing. This usually occurs when a given species is threatened with extinction or becomes protected. The goal is generally to allow the fishi (MORE)
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What does it moratorium?

A moratorium is putting something on hold temporarily. A moratorium on a law being enacted, for example, might be granted so that a legal challenge to that law could be filed. (MORE)
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What does it moratorium in crisis?

This is know as a identity crisis, people dealing with this can become confused and unstable.This usually happens when something dramatic or traumatic happens.