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What languages are spoken in Moravia?

Moravia is the Eastern part of the Czech Republic. Moravians speak both standard Czech and Moravian, which is a West Slavic language.
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Where is moravia?

Movaria is a historical country that is located in Central Europe.This country lies east of the Czech Republic. It gets its name fromthe Morava River which lies to the northwe (MORE)
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Where is Cupec Mt in Moravia Czech Republic?

Cupec Mountain is located along the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic border within the White Carpathian (a.k.a., Biele Karpaty and Bilych karpat) mountain range. It is locat (MORE)
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How old is Alberto Moravia?

Alberto Moravia was born on November 28, 1907 and died on September 26, 1990. Alberto Moravia would have been 82 years old at the time of death or 107 years old today.
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Where is the region of Moravia located?

The region of Moravia is location in Central Europe, in the Czech Republic. It is very historically significant and gains its name from the Moravia River that runs through it. (MORE)
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What has the author Alberto Moravia written?

Alberto Moravia has written: 'Il paradiso' 'Agostino (Las Novelas del Verano)' 'Mother love' 'Vita di sant'Agostino' -- subject(s): Biography, Christian saints 'Ital (MORE)