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What religion was theobald wolfe tone?

He was a protestant but he fought for the rights of catholics, particularly getting them a vote. He wanted to break Irelands ties to England and he wanted all Irishmen to be t (MORE)

Do wild turkeys eat morel mushrooms?

Fortunately, the wild turkeys do not seem to eat the actual morel  mushroom. They are searching for the bugs that are in the crevices  of the morel mushroom.
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How do you cook yellow morel mushrooms?

  Answer   Do not soak the mushrooms in water. If you must wash them then run water over them and then gently dry. Pan frying them in butter is usually the best way (MORE)
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When can i find morel mushrooms in Kentucky?

Usually you can find morels growing around mid April, early May. They are usually found growing around poplar trees, dead elms, or close to creek beds.
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How long do morel mushrooms last after you pick them?

Morels can last a week in the fridge, if you keep them dry. Do not wash them until you are ready to use. Just put in a paper bag to store in fridge until time to cook, freeze (MORE)

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When do morel mushrooms grow in Kansas?

After a wet winter and before it gets hot. If the lilacs are still in full bloom then you should be able to find them. Look in wooded areas.
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What is the cost of morel mushrooms?

 The following prices are from only one source. Prices may vary  from region to region and store to store, but this should give you  an idea of the cost of morel mushrooms (MORE)
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Where is the last name Morel from?

Well i have the same last name and my family is dominican and puerto rican and my grandmother has told me that it is from spain but i have also heard that it originated in pue (MORE)

Can you eat morels?

Yes, true morels are edible. False morels are not. You should  consult with an expert to know the difference.
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