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Who sang the song more more more?

The Andrea True Connection 1976 . Bananarama 1993 . Rachel Stevens 2004 . Answer . joe dolan
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What are mores?

"Mores" in the societical sense of the word means "standards, values, customs". These are underlying norms that form the basis for expected behavior for a given culture, whic ( Full Answer )
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What is MORE?

More is having a greater amount of something that you previously did. i.e. i used to have seven million chickens, but they reproduced, and now I have seven hundred million. I ( Full Answer )
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How is Canada more and more of the world?

I'm sorry, but your question is illogical. Please re-phrase and re-submit your question so that WikiAnswers can provide you with the best answer possible. Thank you!
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Which has more meaning Most or more?

In my opinion, the majority of people would probably lean towards "most": but one could argue that, if you have the most (the highest in value), but I get more (higher than th ( Full Answer )
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Why it rains more where more trees are?

Because trees grow near rivers to get water to the trees. Then the clouds absorbed the river water and form raindrops which fall.
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Are there more meateaters or more planteaters?

if your speaking population or overall, then pop. is probably meat eaters because they eat the plant eaters, but when the plant eaters die down the meat eaters go down until t ( Full Answer )
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What does the 'more' in Potter more stand for?

It doesn't 'stand' for anything, it just means more for the Harry Potter universe. It's because people are saying that, now that the last movie is out, it's the end of an er ( Full Answer )