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Who were Mormon and Moroni?

According to the Book of Mormon, Mormon and Moroni were the last two prophets and historians on the American continent before the Great Apostasy. The Book of Mormon is called (MORE)
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What continent is Moroni in?

Moroni is a small town in Utah in the United States - which is in North America.
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What state capital is Moroni?

None. Moroni is a small town in central Utah with approximately 1,500 residents. There is no state capital called Moroni.
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What country is moroni in?

Comoros. . There is also a small town named Moroni in Utah, in the United States.
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Where is Moroni located?

There are two modern cities named Moroni. One in the nation of Comoros, and one in the state of Utah.
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Who is the ancient prophet moroni?

In the Book of Mormon, there are two men named Moroni. One, Moroni son of Mormon, is definitely a prophet. The other, Captain Moroni, may have been a prophet, but might have j (MORE)
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Where did Moroni bury the book of Mormon?

We can't know for sure, because he never tells us. Mormon, Moroni's father, says in Mormon 6:6 that he buried most of the plates in the hill Cumorah then gave the rest of the (MORE)
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What does the name Moroni mean?

Moroni is a prophet in the Book of Mormon. The meaning of the nameis unknown.
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What is the moroni angel made of?

Most of the Angel Moroni statues found on Temples of the Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are made offiberglass and then covered in gold leaf.
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What has the author Mario Moroni written?

Mario Moroni has written: 'Essere e fare' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation 'Al limite' -- subject(s): Boundaries in literature, Italian literature, Space in lit (MORE)