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What is a moron?

Moron is a term properly used to denote a category of mental retardation. It is widely and incorrectly used as a derogatory insult..

What is moronic acid used for?

My first thought is that it is used in the removal of morons (similar to using capsicum spray to deter masses, moronic acid was used to deter morons).. After a little researc (MORE)

What IQ level is a moron?

The word "moron", which is now considered to be outdated and cruel, was a term used in the psychological community to describe someone who had an IQ of 51-70 (or a mental age (MORE)

Is sean hannity a moron?

No, not at all. He is a very talented Republican talk show host who knows how to give his audience exactly what they want. His ratings are high and while he is disliked by lib (MORE)

Were dinosaurs morons?

They were smart creatures. They found on their own how to survive in the ancient, barren times. They are still one of the smartest animals known. They can't help it that an as (MORE)
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Who is Morgan morones?

He was trying to do a talk show back in 2007 but it didn't work he is trying his hand in Music