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What is a moron?

Moron is a term properly used to denote a category of mental retardation. It is widely and incorrectly used as a derogatory insult.    
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How to ignore a moron?

trust me im the expert. first, choose the right day. next, when they try to talk 2 u, walk away. give them mean looks. give them the clue. if they look @ u, look away, and mak (MORE)

Is moron a cult?

No. The word "Moron" means "a dumb or stupid person". A moron is a stupid person, "Cult of the Moron" in my understanding is referring to the over simplification of importan (MORE)

How to be a moron?

Ok,this is how you get money in good way, First If you have a hundred dollar bill, Rip it in half. Then when you get to the store you want to buy something at. You take you ha (MORE)

Is Rafi moronic?

No, he is a good children's song writer/singer. He makes the songs very informative to kids..
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Who is Morgan morones?

He was trying to do a talk show back in 2007 but it didn't work he is trying his hand in Music