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What are the morphemes of mother?

"Mother" is the only morpheme in mother. A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language's grammar.
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What is a free morpheme?

A free morpheme is a morpheme that can stand alone, as opposed to a bound morpheme. The word "swordfish", for instance, is made of two free morphemes: sword and fish. The wo ( Full Answer )
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What are morphemes?

A morpheme is a word or a word element that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts.\n. \nIn the word "singing," sing is a morpheme and ing is a morpheme. In the w ( Full Answer )
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What is a bound morpheme?

A bound morpheme is a linguistic unit that cannot stand alone. It is usually a prefix or a suffix like un-,de-, -er
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What is morphemic?

They are the minimal unit of grammatical structure. They are not full fledged words as they can not stand alone. for e.g. the word Telephones has three morphemes [tele] [phone ( Full Answer )
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What are inflectional morphemes?

An inflectional morphemes is a suffix that shows either the tenseor number in the English language. It could also indicatepossession or serve as a comparison.
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What is morphemic analysis?

A stragety in which the meanings of words can be determined or inferrent by examining their meaningful parts.
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How many morpheme in the word children?

3. This is a rare word in English which uses a 2 plural morphemes. 1.Child- 2. -r- 3. -en -en is a rare (but not completely uncommon) plural morpheme. We see it i ( Full Answer )
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What is the morpheme of mommy?

There are two morphemes in the word mommy, the root word 'mom' to denote the female parent and the suffix '-y' to give the word a more informal and loving meaning than the roo ( Full Answer )
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What is morphemic segmentation?

In language a morpheme is the smallest grammatical unit. For example the word 'unattainable' contains three morphemes: - 'un' (signifying not) - 'attain' (to achieve or receiv ( Full Answer )