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Did van Morrison die?

No, still alive well and very successful!   Jim Morrison, the singer with the Doors did famously die and is buried in Paris.   They were not related but shared a b (MORE)

Does van Morrison have any children?

  Van Morrison has three children, two girls and one boy. First daughter Shana by first wife, Janet Planet. Other children by current wife who at one time was Miss Ireland (MORE)

How did Van Morrison die?

Van Morrison isn't dead. In fact, I think he still does concerts and goes on tours. Perhaps you were thinking of Jim Morrison? If so, then see the Related Link below.
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Where does van Morrison live?

I believe he owns a house in his hometown of Belfast, in the Orby area of East Belfast. He lives in this house when he comes to Northern Ireland to visit family but when not i (MORE)

Who is van Morrison?

Van Morrison is a singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland. One  of his most famous hits was Brown Eyed Girl, released in June of  1967.

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