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Who invented the mortuary?

Nobody knows for sure which exact individual woke up with the idea one morning, however it has been documented that the first people to establish the "mortuary rituals" (i.e. (MORE)
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What does Mortuary mean?

A mortuary is a place where bodies are kept. In the older days mortuaries were not really funeral homes but places where a person who has just been pronounced dead is kept for (MORE)
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What is the adjective of mortuary?

A mortuary is a place; therefore it is a noun. It can sometimes be used as an adjective when describing something, but the most common adjective used in relation to mortuary i (MORE)
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What technology is incorperated in mortuary sciences?

Chemical and manmade technology. The use of formaldehyde is the chief chemical. Mortuary cosmetics are another chemical. The equipment to embalm the body is comprised of auto (MORE)
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What are beds in a mortuary called?

The table on which a corpse is laid is either an embalming table or a dressing table. You may be talking about a mortuary cot, which is a stretcher that is used to transfer re (MORE)
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Does a mortuary freeze a corpse?

No. It is against federal law for mortuaries to freeze a corpse. Mortuary coolers are kept between 35 and 40°F
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How do you get in a mortuary college?

A mortuary science program is generally an undergraduate associate degree program. Some of the more elite mortuary science schools, which are more expensive, may require inter (MORE)